New Phlan

New Phlan is the small city that evolved as the effort to reclaim Phlan bogged down. Over time, what had been makeshift shelters took on a more permanent mien, and the allure of profit meant that folk from all over the Moonsea flocked to the settled district. It sits at the tip of the peninsula formed by the mouth of the Stojanow River. It is bordered by the Slums on the landward side; across the water to the north and south respectively lie the ruins of Old Phlan’s wealthier districts and Thorn Island.

New Phlan is bursting at the seams, with a population rapidly approaching 2500. The overwhelming majority of residents are human, although there are large numbers of Half-Orcs (10%) and Half-Elves (7%).

New Phlan is ruled by a council with five members imaginatively named the Council of Five, which is housed in the equally creatively named Hall of the Council. Laws are enforced by the City Guard and justice is administered by the Temple of Tyr. New Phlan’s currency is the Mark.

New Phlan is defended by the City Guard and walled off from the Slums by The Stockade.

There are three temples in New Phlan: The Waiting, devoted to Tyr, The House of the Sword, devoted to Tempus, and The Hall of Delights, devoted to Sharess. Of course, individuals may pay tribute to other deities; there is some discussion between the smaller tradesmen and the Great Houses of consecrating a grand temple to Waukeen when the city is retaken in its entirety.

Merchants and/or Shops of Note
Matteo the Weaponsmith
Georg Vitkov
Iain’s Sundries
Pokorny the Farrier

The Cracked Crown
The Bitter Blade