Tag: Order of the Stojanow


  • Norlamin Jannarsk

    Jannarsk commanded the scouts in the invasion of Phlan. With the [[Council of Five | Council's]] shift in tactics, he has formed an adventuring company with other scions of the [[Merchant Houses of Phlan | Great Houses]].

  • Itheria Bivant

    The elder of the Bivant twins, Itheria had far less patience for study than did [[:jadoch | her brother]], instead pursuing the combat arts with a single-minded devotion. As the rest of [[House Bivant | House Bivant]] is in far away Baldur's Gate, Itheria …

  • Jadoch Bivant

    Born seven minutes after [[:itheria | his twin sister]], Jadoch has taken the lead between them ever since. He is an acolyte of Siamorphe, planning to instill the virtues of aristocratic rule upon the population of Phaln once the reclamation of the city …

  • Porphyris Cadorna

    Cadorna is the sole scion of [[House Cadorna | House Cadorna]]. He showed considerable magical talent from a young age, but has only recently begun applying it to combative purposes. He gleefully accepted the offer of [[:itheria | Itheria Bivant's]] hand, …